It is estimated that 4.3 million children will play youth baseball in the United States this year, with an estimated total of 10 million youth baseball players globally. Equipment costs are the single largest expense for a youth player to enjoy the game. U.S. based baseball players will spend approximately $400 million on bats, gloves and clothing alone. A significant percentage of this equipment is used briefly then discarded. Upwards of 35% of youth baseball players globally struggle to get the required equipment required to play the game properly.

Given this, the purpose of Gloves for Good is to support the growth of youth baseball in the U.S. and internationally, allowing youth players to enjoy the same benefits we have had playing baseball. To accomplish our goal, we collect many kinds of new or gently used equipment such as:

  • Fielding Gloves
  • Wood & aluminum bats
  • Batting helmets
  • Catchers gloves and protective gear
  • Baseballs or softballs - new
  • Umpire protective gear
  • Baseball cleats
  • Youth uniform pants and shirts
  • Team equipment bags