Will Reeves Donation

Will Reeves, Vice President of Operations and graduate of Lamar High School, recently donated all of his old equipment. Some of it was the equipment from his senior year of playing ball and the rest of it was from when he played other positions, like catcher. None the less, it was all in great shape.

Reeves donated 4 bats, 2 helmets, 2 sets of catchers gear, 4 gloves, and a pair of cleats.

Will is going into his freshman year at Texas A&M and we wish him the best in his future!


Morgan Sends HQ a Huge Shipment - Again


Earlier in the week, Morgan Allen, G4G’s North Texas Vice President of Operations, sent the headquarters a huge donation that he had received through an equipment drive in his area. Through his efforts, G4G received 12 helmets, 4 bats, 9 gloves, 3 pairs of cleats, 2 sets of catcher’s gear, and over 20 pairs of baseball pants.

Immediately, Gloves for Good reached out to Gabe Solis, a Lamar High School alum and owner of SJ Training, an athletic training facility located in Houston. Gabe’s old little league and tournament team has some kids who are in need of the equipment

G4G thanks all those who donated to Morgan in support of our Mission.

Memorial Ashford Little League Needs Help


Last week, Gloves for Good was contacted by the Memorial Ashford Little League. They were badly affected by Hurricane Harvey in the fall. Because of this, more than 40 families informed MALL that they had no equipment to play ball this spring. MALL needs the help of the G4G family in donating your equipment to the in-need families.

The League has five divisions: Intermediate, Machine Pitch, Minor America, Minor National, and Tee Ball. There are 4 teams in the intermediate, 5 in Machine, 3 in Minor American, 5 in Minor National, and 6 in Tee Ball division.

MALL is requesting:

·         3 Right Hand Gloves and 1 Left Handed Glove for each division

·         2 sets of catcher’s gear for each division

·         6 Little League Approved T-Ball bats (one for each team)

·         4 Twenty-one ounce approved bats

·         5 fifteen ounce approved bats

·         3 sixteen ounce approved bats

·         5 eighteen ounce approved bats

·         Balls, Tees, and cleats are not as big of a priority but still needed

Everyone please look all throughout your houses to see if you have any of the above equipment. Memorial Ashford is in dire need of this equipment for the upcoming season.

Thank you for any help you guys can provide!

Anne Houang and Son Donate to Gloves for Good


Anne Houang and her son Kien recently gave a generous donation to Gloves for Good. They recently moved to Houston and Kien has been playing baseball for most of his life. He is currently a freshman at Lamar High School.

Anne and Kien donated 5 baseball bats, 3 helmets, 2 gloves, 2 pairs of batting gloves, 6 pairs of pants with some jerseys and a pitching/hitting net!

Mrs. Houang contacted me over email a week ago and set a time on Friday after my football practice for me to come pick up the equipment.

Gloves for Good greatly appreciates the Houang's donation and we wish Kien has a great high school experience!

Coach Baker and St. John's School Continue Their Support of G4G

Over the weekend, I caught up with Coach Baker who had called me to let me know he another donation for G4G.  The St. John’s baseball players donated some of their gently used equipment to Gloves for Good, including 10 helmets, 7 hats, and a glove. The St. John’s Mavericks continue to be great supporters of G4G and we hope the players will continue to donate.

Coach Baker is a graduate of Texas Southern University, is the Head Coach of the Junior Varsity Baseball team and the Assistant Coach for the Varsity team. He also coaches football and basketball.  

I used to play baseball and football for Coach Baker - he was one of my favorite coaches - we won a lot (Jr SPC Champions!) and had a lot of fun.  I included a picture of myself and my friends when I was a young Maverick in Middle School.

Pitch In For Baseball Update

We received a great note from Pitch In For Baseball today thanking G4G, and all of you, for our continued and support of their mission.  Recently we shipped them a quarter ton of gently used baseball equipment – great stuff that I am sure they will put to good use.  Below is an update of what Pitch in for Baseball has done since their founding.

Since their inaugural year in 2005, Pitch In For Baseball has impacted over 700,000 kids in every state in the U.S.and over 90 countries.  In 2016, they completed 352 projects in 36 states and 25 countries, helping nearly 55,000 kids play baseball and softball. For 2017, they have set an ambitious goal to help 100,000 kids play baseball and softball! This is nearly double the number of kids that they help on an annual basis.

Largest shipment ever on the way to Pitch in for Baseball

Today Gloves for Good is shipping a huge donation to Pitch In For Baseball.  We are shipping 10 boxes via UPS to their Pennsylvania facility. We are shipping 97 white baseball pants, 19 grey pants, 89 white game jerseys, 41 blue game jerseys, 44 bats, 15 pairs of cleats, 17 hats and 20 blue training shorts.

Pitch In For Baseball® (PIFB) is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that provides new and gently used baseball and softball equipment to boys and girls in the United States and around the world who want to play ball but lack the equipment to do so. PIFB helps to reduce barriers to play by providing equipment grants directly to leagues, schools, and organizations around the world to start, continue, and/or expand their youth baseball programs.  PIFB has a direct relationship with MLB and their RBI program as well as a number of other national organizations that allow them to efficiently distribute our equipment

Gloves for Good has partnered with Pitch in for Baseball multiple times in the past and we continue to be a significant supporter of their mission. We look forward to partnering with PIFB again in the future.


Lizzy Fallon Home From DC - Website Changes Coming!

My sister Lizzy is our VP of Marketing and helps me out with our website – mostly by phone and messaging these days.  She is interning in DC for Congressman Culberson (TX) and another Congressman this summer.  She is home on break and she is going to look at improving the website a little bit and helping with me with my Twitter and Instagram G4G channels.  According to her she has some “big ideas”. 

John Finally Shows Up To Help Out

My brother John and Founder of Gloves for Good decided to grace us with his presence and help sort the equipment to determine which equipment should go where to best the meet the different groups needs. 

John is going into his senior year at Harvard and is the baseball team captain.  He was home because he had to have another knee operation a few weeks ago so when he could move around he came out to the garage to help me out.

Sorting Day (It took all day!)

July 3rd was Sorting Day.  We have a number of generous donors who have recently provided us with much needed equipment – Lamar Texans Baseball, Morgan Allen, West U Little League, Max Nathans, Ben Feldstein and many more.  After we collect a reasonable amount of equipment we start to sort it (in my garage which we use as G4G World Headquarters). 

We know our large number of complete uniform sets will more than likely go to Pitch In For Baseball as they can equip overseas startup teams with the uniforms.  We will use UPS, our preferred shipper and someone who gives us a reduced rate for being a charity.  We also know a middle school in Houston that runs an afternoon baseball program for 20 students so we will set aside gloves, cleats and appropriately sized little league equipment for them. We will drop it off when they are back in school

Additionally, we have 20 pairs of very good condition cleats that we are not sure where they will go.  We collected a number used baseballs – these are tough to reuse – we usually donate these to local charity that may be able to use them in some youth games.  We think we have found a baseball instructor who used to play at Lamar with my brother that can take all the baseballs and use them in an inner city instructional program.