Pitch In For Baseball Update


Every year Gloves for Good donates a significant amount of equipment to Pitch in for Baseball (PIFB).  The equipment we send to them is great equipment but is usually what we don’t directly donate to individuals, community organizers or high school teams.  We thought we should update as to what they do with our equipment and other donors equipment.  They sent us an update letter in September.

Founded in 2005, Pitch in for Baseball has helped more than 30,000 boys and girls play baseball and softball in 27 states and 63 different countries.  PIFB helped the Philadelphia school district field 63 baseball and softball teams, donated equipment to six Little League urban initiatives and partnered with the MLB to help support their RBI programs throughout the US.  This year PIFB baseball is turning 10 and we look forward to continuing our partnership with such and outstanding organization.