Sorting Day

Today is Sorting Day.  We have a number of generous donors who provide us equipment throughout the year.  After we collect a reasonable amount of equipment we start to sort it.  We know a community organizers in NY want more gloves so we have set aside about 15 gloves to ship to them on Monday.  We will use UPS, our preferred shipper and someone who gives us a reduced rate for being a charity.  We also know of a group in Africa that needs pants baseball pants, but all the ones we sorted this morning are all youth small, so we will send those to Pitch In For Baseball where they may be utilized.  Additionally, we have 20 pairs of very good condition cleats that we are not sure where they will go.  We collected a number used baseballs – these are tough to reuse – we usually donate these to local charity that may be able to use them in some youth games.