Donation to Briarmeadow Charter School and Coach Levine

Today Joe Lipper and I met up Coach Steven Levine, who coaches 5th through 8th graders at Briarmeadow Charter School.  Briarmeadow is a Pre-K thru 8th grade International Baccalaureate School located in West Houston with about 600 students.  Connor Franey and Will Reeves (who joined G4G at the end of last year) came up big by helping us find the -5 and -3 bats the boys needed.  Budget Sporting Goods gave us a great discount on two of the bats and an anonymous donor provided the 8 gloves.  Coach Levine was really happy we could help out especially this early in the season. 

Joe, Connor and Will all joined Gloves for Good in December and have been a great addition to the team – without their help in pulling all the equipment together we would not have been able to get the equipment to the players at Briarmeadow as fast as we did.  Thanks guys