Morgan Allen Continues to Pitch In!

Recently, Morgan Allen, our North Texas Vice President of Collections, sent a huge shipment of baseball equipment to the G4G Headquarters in Houston, TX. Over the past two months, Morgan has been collecting equipment from many of his baseball friends in Denton, TX.  He also collected a great set of baseball uniforms and hats from the Sox organization!

Morgan sent us 8 bats, 17 hats, 4 pairs of cleats, 3 pairs of batting gloves, 11 gray pants, 18 white pants, 7 shirts and several pieces of new baseball protective gear! This equipment he sent us will be helped in our shipment to Pitch in for Baseball, a baseball charity quite like ours.

Morgan continues to excel in both academics and athletics. This summer he is playing baseball for his travel team while also taking classes at North Central Texas College! We wish Morgan the best in everything this summer.