Sorting Day (It took all day!)

July 3rd was Sorting Day.  We have a number of generous donors who have recently provided us with much needed equipment – Lamar Texans Baseball, Morgan Allen, West U Little League, Max Nathans, Ben Feldstein and many more.  After we collect a reasonable amount of equipment we start to sort it (in my garage which we use as G4G World Headquarters). 

We know our large number of complete uniform sets will more than likely go to Pitch In For Baseball as they can equip overseas startup teams with the uniforms.  We will use UPS, our preferred shipper and someone who gives us a reduced rate for being a charity.  We also know a middle school in Houston that runs an afternoon baseball program for 20 students so we will set aside gloves, cleats and appropriately sized little league equipment for them. We will drop it off when they are back in school

Additionally, we have 20 pairs of very good condition cleats that we are not sure where they will go.  We collected a number used baseballs – these are tough to reuse – we usually donate these to local charity that may be able to use them in some youth games.  We think we have found a baseball instructor who used to play at Lamar with my brother that can take all the baseballs and use them in an inner city instructional program.