Memorial Ashford Little League Needs Help


Last week, Gloves for Good was contacted by the Memorial Ashford Little League. They were badly affected by Hurricane Harvey in the fall. Because of this, more than 40 families informed MALL that they had no equipment to play ball this spring. MALL needs the help of the G4G family in donating your equipment to the in-need families.

The League has five divisions: Intermediate, Machine Pitch, Minor America, Minor National, and Tee Ball. There are 4 teams in the intermediate, 5 in Machine, 3 in Minor American, 5 in Minor National, and 6 in Tee Ball division.

MALL is requesting:

·         3 Right Hand Gloves and 1 Left Handed Glove for each division

·         2 sets of catcher’s gear for each division

·         6 Little League Approved T-Ball bats (one for each team)

·         4 Twenty-one ounce approved bats

·         5 fifteen ounce approved bats

·         3 sixteen ounce approved bats

·         5 eighteen ounce approved bats

·         Balls, Tees, and cleats are not as big of a priority but still needed

Everyone please look all throughout your houses to see if you have any of the above equipment. Memorial Ashford is in dire need of this equipment for the upcoming season.

Thank you for any help you guys can provide!