Our mission at Gloves for Good is to collect new or gently used baseball equipment for redistribution to less fortunate youth baseball players in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Given this, the purpose of Gloves for Good is to support the growth of youth baseball in the U.S. and internationally, allowing youth players to enjoy the same benefits we have had playing baseball. We have three primary goals at Gloves for Good:

  1. Provide baseball equipment for less fortunate baseball players than ourselves
  2. Help expand the game of baseball globally by equipping teams throughout the world
  3. Continue to teach ourselves and others the lessons that baseball can provide such as respect, sportsmanship and teamwork

What We've Achieved

  • Built a fully functioning 501 c 3 with a website, bank, and PayPal accounts
  • Attracted numerous volunteers
  • Formed an Advisory Board with great adults to help us manage our charity
  • Raised thousands of dollars in donations to support our operations
  • Shipped thousand of pounds of equipment to baseball players in need
  • Built valuable alliances with Pitch in for Baseball and RBI Foundation
  • Helped Hammond IN Wildcats with new and used equipment to get them on the field in 2014
  • Delivered gently used equipment to a dad and community organizer in the Bronx, NY who wants to teach the neighborhood kids how to play baseball
  • Supported tornado victims in Indiana with new equipment to get their little league back on the field after the disaster